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Welcome to Hoppy Hearts SC! We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization in South Carolina. Our mission is to improve the lives of domestic rabbits.  We do this by means of education about house rabbits and their proper care, providing animal-assisted activities to assisted living facilities and similar organizations, and by rescuing and adopting out abandoned rabbits.


EDUCATION: We teach a Basics of Bunny Care Bunny 101 class both in person and online. This class is for anyone interested in learning about bunnies and their care. We are happy to have anyone in the class who currently has companion bunnies as well as potential future adopters (from any rescue) or those just interested in finding out what bunny care involves. We also have a Bunny 102 class all about rabbit health!  We are working on making more advanced bunny care classes available in the near future.


RESCUE/ADOPTION:  We rescue and adopt out homeless bunnies. To help with this, we are building a network of foster homes throughout the state of South Carolina.  Our goal with this foster home network is to provide rescued rabbits with a home environment while waiting for their forever homes, rather than a more stressful shelter environment.   We offer bunny speed dating to help if your current bunny is in need of a friend.


ANIMAL ASSISTED INTERACTIONS:  Hoppy Hearts SC offers animal assisted interactions with our resident bunnies to nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other community organizations. This is an activity close to our hearts as it helps us share the joy these magical creatures can bring. Contact us here or at to schedule a visit!

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